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Siesta Skiff 17

The Siesta Skiff 17 is a true water born SUV! 

The shallow draft of the Siesta Skiff 17 lets you go places most other boats could not even think about.  While its rough water capability lets you go out on days other 17 footers wouldn't dare.  Combined with an incredibly fast and efficient hull bottom, the Siesta Skiff 17 is the whole package: fast, efficient, rides great, and goes shallow.  Leave those other boats in your wake and be the first one to the fish!

The Siesta Skiff 17 has a feature rich modified-V hull. The design features include three lifting strakes per side, wide reverse chines, Bow Flare, a sharp entry and a delta pad.  The lifting strakes, bow flare and reverse chine knock spray down which makes for a very dry ride even on a windy day.  They also make the Siesta Skiff 17 corner like its on rails, no side slide here!  The sharp entry cuts through waves for a smooth ride. Finally the delta pad makes the Siesta Skiff 17 extremely fast and fuel efficient.  This hull design will actually plane out twice!  Once like a normal boat and then on the delta pad.  Once running on the delta pad speed and fuel efficiency sky rocket!

The Siesta Skiff 17 was designed to be the last boat you'll ever buy.  It's all composite construction will stand the test of time.  It's high performance hull is an incredible ride!  NO other boat on the market can match the ride, construction and economy of the Siesta Skiff 17. 

The Siesta Skiff 17  is very economical to operate.  You will not suffer much pain at the pump.  When you put this together with our incredible pricing it equals more time on the water and less money out of your wallet.  All this makes the Siesta Skiff 17 one of the best built, best designed and most affordable boats on the market today!

Whether you plan on fishing, waterskiing, scuba diving, a family picnic or some other adventure, the Siesta Skiff 17 is ready for whatever the day may bring.

The Siesta Skiff 17  is available in 3 different layouts to suit your needs.  Don't see a layout or options that you like?  Ask your Dealer about customizing or a custom Siesta Skiff built just for you. 

Siesta Skiff  17 Specifications:

Length Over All                16'7"
Beam                                85"
Draft                                  8"
Dry Weight                       800lbs
Fuel Capacity                   Portable
Max Horse Power            115hp
Transom Height                20"


Power Option                    Speed
50hp                                   35mph*
60hp                                   41mph*
75hp                                   44mph*
90hp                                   50mph*
*(Top speeds can vary considerably for many reasons outside of our control.  Speeds given here were obtained from on the water testing and are for reference and are not a guarantee of performance.)

Siesta Skiff  17 Features Include:

Oval Plumbed Live well
Cooler Seat (not on 173)
Shallow Draft
Bow Casting Platform with Dry Storage
Rear Casting Platform (not on 171)

Advanced Running Surface
Flared Bow for a Dry Ride
3 Lifting Strakes Per Side
Large Reverse Chine
High Performance Delta Pad Bottom
Sharp Wave Cutting Entry
Modified-V Hull with 18deg. Dead Rise

All Composite Construction
Massive Fiberglass Stringer System
Ultra Light Weight Honey Comb Decks
High Density Transom Core
Stainless Steel Bow Eye
2 Stainless Steel Tow Eyes
3 Cleats
Rub Rail
Built In Rigging Tube
Wood Free Construction
All Stainless Steel Hardware
Water Proof 5 Switch Panel
12 Volt Power Plug
LED Bow Light
Telescoping Stern Light
Gasketed and latching Hatches

Unsinkable Construction
Upright Level Floatation
Self Bailing Deck
Non Skid Deck
Automatic Bilge Pump

Built in Upholstered Console Seat (Not on 173)
Console Storage
Reversible Cooler Seat  (Not on 173)

Steering System
Stainless Steel Steering Wheel
Low Maintenance Deck Finish
Transferable Limited Warranty

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Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
Siesta Skiff 171
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